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This. This is my little sis. She is so fun to photograph. I’ve been using her as a model since I bought my first camera (Canon Rebel XTi) in 2006. She helps me grow as a photographer and I can never thank her enough for it. I always take her somewhere I’ve never shot before. […]

Oh man! Does this little girl love to swim or what? Well, technically she’s not really swimming. More like splashing in the water, then moving on to playing in the mud….aaaaaaand then back to the water 🙂 I think she’s cute just being her crazy self.  

I love doing something that’s different. Here is my sweet Evalynn dressed as a porcelain doll. I grew up with porcelain dolls all over my room. They were definitely a big part of my childhood. My grandmother would occasionally give me and my sister one for Christmas. We loved dolls. I also have been wanting […]

I was just in St. George this past weekend and I decided that it would be fun to take some black and white of these two lovelies 🙂  

I don’t know about you, but I think these are pretty funny. I don’t know how one kid can make so many different faces. she doesn’t even look like herself in the last 4 pictures! She keeps me laughing even when I’m exhausted. Keep in mind, these pics were taking when she was lying on […]