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Photography simply can’t exist without light, and understanding your lighting options will give you more control over your final image. Ultimately, you have two types of lighting to choose between: Hard light vs soft light. To help point you make the decision, I’m going to give you a few tips on discovering what kind of light […]

I’m lucky to have such a willing model to work with 😉 Don’t pay too much attention to the messy porch…This setup is super easy. Don’t shoot in your doorway if there is direct sunlight, aaaand, that’s pretty much it!   EMAIL me your best “doorway” portrait for some feedback!   My Settings: ISO […]

I haven’t met a person out there that doesn’t like silhouettes. And they are so easy too! These two pictures were taken within seconds of each other. All I did was change the f-stop from 2.8 to 20 (or you could do 19, 18, 17…) to get this second shot. You also need to get […]